Shelley Weiss Story of my Life
The Story of my Life came to inception through a personal life changing experience; with her grandmother’s diagnosis of cancer. With only six weeks to live, her grandmother’s final weeks not only changed her priorities but also her perspective. Each day as she visited her grandmother, she recognized the need for creative expression. There were so many people in the hospital that were facing the same fate, and each so willing to share their stories. In this six-week period, she learned more about her grandmother, as truth and authenticity became a reality. This became one of her most cherished memories to date and her goal moving forward is to bring other’s individual stories to fruition, sooner as opposed to later.

Shelley is a fun, energetic, and inspiring individual within her work and life in general. Her past work experiences include sales, marketing, events coordination, retail management, coaching, and training. She has led many teams to improved productivity through excellent communication, engagement, and building strong relationships with customers, as well as her employees. Her passion has always been connecting with people and creating an exciting and inspiring environment to work in. Her personal experiences include faith, freedom, marriage, motherhood, family, and friends. Hobbies are music, movies, cooking, animals, reading, hockey, and outdoor sports. Her newest hobby and purpose has become the “lost art” of writing and empowering others to do so.

Shelley is an encouraging coach who will guide you through journaling with individual and interactive activities to document your own reflective journey through time, the story of your life.

Each one of us have a compelling and captivating story to share.
I am looking forward to being part of this journey with you!